This week our experiment was to “follow” or rather “stalk” someone on Facebook and see how much we could see or learn from them from their profiles. At first I was kind of hesitant and didn’t want anybody to “stalk” me on my facebook nor did I want to do it, but then I realized that, duh, the reason why people have profiles is or others to see them haha. So then I proceeded to complete the assignment and at first before I added Shao-An Chang, I was only able to see a limited profile which means that I was able to see one of her picture albums and her information. After we became friends, I was able to see her wall and the rest of her picture albums. Shao-An Chang was born August 3rd, 1988 which means that she is a Leo and is a 4th year psychology student. She has over 450 friends and it is interesting that we also have one friend in common. By the comments on her page, she seems like a social and sweet person who likes to spend quality time with her friends, which she also refers to them as sisters. I am not certain, but I think she has a tattoo and would have liked to get another in Japan (where she spent time in). It also seems from her pictures that she has a sweet tooth and likes to go out dancing and have fun. Either she currently plays the flute or perhaps wanted to learn, but took a class. She also took a singing class and I have actually always wanted to take a singing class, but never knew they offered it at school. She enjoys taking naps and had curly hair at one point. She also has attended dinner for 12 strangers and is considered by her friends to be a smart and funny person. She is trilingual and speaks Japanese, English, and Spanish. She seems family oriented and it seems like she isn’t online too much. I think she also took a Korean drumming class and often posts ads on the marketplace so she seems very resourceful. She is from North Cal. She also fell asleep during a midterm and has been attacked by a bird. She has seen Jay-Z, Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco and others here at UCLA. Her pictures of food, I have to say are very good, almost professional.