This week our assignment was to follow someone in our class on Facebook and to essentially learn about who that person is by doing so. The person I followed was Lauren Echols and this is what I believe she’s like (hopefully I’m not pathetically incorrect): Lauren is a pre-med student who really loves her family and her friends. She finds family to be very important and she also places religion as one of her major priorities in life. She makes sure that she is always a good person to everyone she meets. She knows that she is not perfect (no one is!) but she tries to be the best that she can be. Lauren also seems to see new things as adventures and she seems to be getting the most that college can offer her from being in groups to just having a great time with friends and of course school work! Apart from hanging out with her friends, Lauren seems to really like going to football games a lot. She seems to be a big sport fan as well as a sport player. She likes to play different sports like volleyball and track (as well as shopping!). I also have a feeling that Lauren is kind of a kid at heart because of some of her favorite movies (many of them being Disney and Pixar movies). She seems to also like to care for the planet, both for what’s on it and for the people that live in it, as is seen by the groups and the bumper stickers she has on her page. Overall, Lauren just seems to be someone who likes to make friends and have fun as well as being someone that many can look up to.