This week I facebook-stalked Sally Pan. Sally was born on October 1, 1991 (which makes me feel way old) and she is currently an eighteen-year-old first-year student at UCLA who lives in DeNeve, or at least did at the beginning of the year. She appears to be undeclared major-wise and into men dating-wise. Sally likes road trips, volunteering, listening to nature, listening to music, texting, talking on the phone, socializing and networking, sleeping, swimming, running, and partying. She attended Gabrielino High School in San Gabriel, where she is from. San Gabriel is also referred to as “the 626” by friends. She graduated high school in 2009, and was part of the swimming team while there. She has recently become a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority, and her Big Sis is Alex Noé. Sally plays MyCityLife and HotelCity on Facebook, although some of her friends have responded negatively to it, making fun of the game’s automated status updates. Sally keeps pictures tagged of her hidden from the general public view. While this might help with some privacy, it makes me wonder what types of things Sally might be doing that she feels the need to hide them. Maybe family members on FB? 😉
Based upon a graffiti drawing of Sushi on her “Boxes” page, I also assume that Sally enjoys fine Japanese cuisine, like Sushi, although that is not listed under her interests. Judging by the sheer amount of wall posts, Gabriela Mejia seems to be a good friend of hers – scratch that, I mean, her roommate. Also, judging by her NFL and NBA-related status updates, it seems Sally’s a fan of sports, at least on the national level.
Her brother, Gary Pan, made it to the semi-finals for football.
According to her friend Jacob Garcia, Sally’s “charisma is the most amazing breathe of fresh air a friend can find, and her energy is contagious =)”
She seems like a cool chick whose UCLA experience has just begun. Enjoy, Sally, enjoy.