Stephanie Choengkarn is a student at UCLA, and she expects to graduate in 2012. Her birthday is April 4. She has a boy friend whose name is Daniel I guess. She likes traveling. She went to Yay(I don’t know where it is..), and also, she went to Disneyland during winter break. For music, she likes Barrio Del Este and Agapi Mou. She also likes hanging out and fun stuff. She is a member of UCLA PI Beta Phi. For the food, she likes yogurt and the cheese cake factory. She had 440 friends on her facebook account, and many of them are students at UCLA. She live on campus. She went to the date party during spring 2009. Based on some photos in her facebook, I can guess she is kind of friendly, active, and funny. Her favorite quotation is “Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out”!