In applying the theory from this week’s reading, I was assigned to find out more about a classmate based on the information on Facebook. Seungjae Lee is a 27 year old male from Cheonan, Korea. His birthday is October 8, 1982. He has eight friends on Facebook. He is currently going to UCLA, and is currently living in Los Angeles, California. Seungjae likes to read textbooks. He is looking to use Facebook as a way a means toward networking, dating, and friendship. He has no pictures up, and his latest status update is from a week ago asking “which company has the fastest line in the U.S?” We have two friends in common, Kevin McKenzie and Eric John Kim. Given that he has so few wall posts, he is new to Facebook. Other than his email that is pretty much all the information one can gasp from Seungjae Lee’s Facebook profile.