I had the task of Facebook stalking Angelique Nguyen-Le. From her profile, I was able to gain quite a bit of knowledge about her. She is a freshman here at UCLA, and has one full brother, one half brother, and 3 step-sisters. She’s from Huntington Beach, California, which is also the hometown of my step-brother. Alternative rock appears to be her favorite music style, and she loves video games as much as I do. I mastered the art of Pokemon back in elementary school, so I can understand her interest in the games. She also appears to be the awesome “gamer girl” that every kid on Xbox Live dreams of.

Amongst her other interests are anime and other cartoons, as well as drawing, karaoke, and general browsing of the Interwebs. She doesn’t have too many photos of herself on her profile. Rather, she uses the space to showcase anime or those pictures where you tag all your friends depending on whether they are “good”, “evil”, or “hot”, etc. In all, she seems to be a pretty awesome girl who likes a lot of the same things I do.