My target is Julia Keplinger. She has 49 pictures in her profile, but over 1,500 in total of her. Many of them feature her and her friends. Others are just photos of things and taken in great angles. I assume she likes photography. She goes surfing quite a bit and enjoys doing so as she has many of these pictures. In her profile, she will graduate UCLA in 2010 and her birthday is the first of July. I assume she is either 21 or 22 years old. She writes some notes in her profile. She has amazing pictures in one of her notes. She writes about a Christian song, so I assume she is one. She has a lot of Bible quotes in other posts and writes about several kids with poor conditions such as AIDs or who live in poverty. There is someone named Bethany Keplinger on her wall, perhaps that is her sister? She went to a high school with the team name Aztec. Her current post is of the situation where a girl named Nancy Salas has gone missing.