So the awesome person that I had this week is name Shannon Rogers and she is from North Hills, California. She was born on June 7. Shannon is a mathematics and education major, which I found to be very impressive. She has a little sister name Aleesa Rogers. Some things about her are, she is a really big nerd, which I find to be awesome because not a lot of people would admit that. And some things that I have in common with her are, she can’t live without music and that’s how I am also. I love also bagels, even though they contain high calories. Computer is another thing that we both can’t live without. Laughter is another important aspect for my life; it feels like when I do laugh, it eases everything up. I also love big comfy couches! I can sleep on those anytime any day! Chai tea latte is one of my favorite drinks that I have! Sadly math, coffee, art, Wikipedia, thinly-veiled sarcasm are not really my thing. I think Shannon is amazing because she basically works everywhere. She works for the UCLA math circle, where she teachers 1st-4th grade students on math. Then she also works as a research assistant for the UCLA GSE&IS. She also volunteers as a classroom assistant at the UCLA lab school. UCLA student welfare commission is another activity she does. At times she would be a student assistant for the Young Research Library where she answers the phone. Then I also found out that she had an amazing beautiful wordpress BlogSpot that I’m totally jealous of. By looking at her pictures, I feel as if Shannon is a really down to earth girl, she likes hanging out with friends then taking pictures. Then for her third year she had rushed for a sorority, which I found to be pretty cool! It’s so awesome because she also did the undie run, and that’s something I was scared of doing this year, but by looking at her pictures, it seem so fun! So basically Shannon is an amazing, smart, well-rounded and adventurous girl!