Leticia is a fourth-year student at UCLA and a psychology major. Her birth date is December 8, 1987 and she is a Christian/Catholic. Her hometown is Oceanside, California and she graduated from El Camino High School in 2006. For music, she likes Mana and DJ Mirth. For movies, she likes The Hangover. Her UCLA email address is lcalderonv@ucla.edu and her AIM is lettycv. I believe she is Latin American and can understand a good amount of Spanish. She is considered the “innocent” one and the “lazy” one out of her friends. She is graduating in June and looking for a female summer subletter for $525.74. She was debating between taking a trip to New York or Chicago for her graduation trip, and she deended up deciding on New York. On April 18th, she participated in Relay for Life. Sometimes, she takes the Amtrak home but she hates the bus ride getting there. She successfully completed 40 days of lent. She has a sister named Patricia. She also has a part-time job.