Fascinating discussion about Facebook happening on Reddit:


Does anybody else feel like the more “connected” facebook becomes, the less you want to do with it?

Text: As I’ve felt more and more of my information was becoming public in ways that didn’t personally benefit me, the less and less I wanted anything to do with that website. In the last several months I’ve changed my name so that it no longer includes my last name. My profile picture is now of my dog and not of me. I am not associated with any family members. I use no applications because I do not trust them, and after this last update my profile is very empty because I chose not to be linked to anything outside of my profile. I am slowly erasing tiny chunks of my personal data, and I’m guessing that the end result is that I’ll end up having to just let my profile go stale due to privacy concerns.

Facebook used to be an important and enjoyable part of my online life, now I’m just afraid to participate much because I don’t trust the bastards. Am I the only one who feels this way?